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8 Health Benefits of Turmeric, According to Science

From Indian curries to teas to cosmetics, turmeric is one versatile ingredient used across cultures and countries. Besides adding a touch of exoticness to your dishes, turmeric is a well-known medicinal herb that’s been popular for more than 4,000 years. In this article, we will look at the various health benefits of turmeric and how […]

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How To Create A Winter Lip Balm

To the masses, winter is often associated with cozy knit blankets, hot cocoa (I’ll settle for a PSL from Starbucks, tyvm), and fun-filled afternoons of snowball fights. Yet, with all these delightful things that the subzero temperature brings us, severely dry and chapped lips are something very REAL too. And it’s the lip balm to […]

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The 3 Best Acne-Fighting Actives for Troubled Skin

For those battling with acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation that never seem to go away, don’t lose hope as we unveil the answer to your skin care woes. Ingredient Spotlight: Acne-fighting Actives  Recently, acne-fighting actives have taken the beauty world by storm. Users have raved about the efficacy of these active ingredients in banishing their breakouts […]